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Self Storage Tips

Storage Depot of Virginia: Self Storage Tips

Need some self storage tips to get you started on the right foot? Storage Depot of Virginia is your first choice for affordable storage units in Virginia Beach, VA, and we’ve compiled a list of our top packing and storage tips to help you make the most of the space you are renting. Start your storage journey with Storage Depot of Virginia today!

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Self Storage Tips for Finding Space & Packing

Self Storage Tips

Choose Your Storage Unit 

You have many self storage options in the Virginia Beach area. So how do you choose a storage facility—and more specifically storage units—to house your belongings? Start by searching for self storage close to your home, work, business, or regular commutes. You are looking for convenience as much as you are looking for product and service.  

Whichever type of storage you prefer, it’s important to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages that come with each one. If your priority is frequent access to stored items, opt for a drive-up unit; these are more convenient for loading and unloading from your vehicle. Nevertheless, indoor units may be better suited if weather conditions need to be controlled since temperature regulation is possible in this case.

Visit Storage Depot of Virginia in Virginia Beach to start getting your items organized today. Located along the southeast coastline, our storage facility is just south of Virginia Beach, and a short distance from the Norfolk and Chesapeake area. Read more about our storage facility’s specific features, and use our storage calculator to figure out what size storage unit you should rent.  

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Packing Tips for Your Boxes 

1. Prep Before Packing

To obtain the greatest possible outcome when storing your stuff, take care of them as you’re packing them away. Items that are delicate will need more padding to keep them safe throughout transport. Pick up packing and moving supplies at our Storage Depot of Virginia office today! And while you are there, talk with our storage experts to clear up any additional questions you may have before you start renting storage—also check our Self Storage FAQ to see if your question can be answered instantly! It is important to understand the rules and expectations before renting storage.

2. General Packing Rule: Heavy on the Bottom, Light on Top

Before you start packing your items into boxes and storage containers, remember to place the heavier objects at the bottom with lighter ones on top. This will help ensure that your boxes won’t collapse or break due to too much weight.

3. Clean & Cover

When it comes to preserving your products in storage, don’t forget about cleaning and protecting them first. Make sure you protect all appliances, tools, and electronics with a layer of protection before placing them away for an extended period. This will not only prevent dust from settling but also keep away germs or water droplets that can cause damage or unpleasant smells over time. Take the extra step now so you won’t have any issues down the road!

4. Pack Air-Tight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

Protect your beloved possessions from bugs, moisture damage and more by packing them in airtight containers. Whether it’s antiques or electronics, clothing or documents – sealing away items will ensure they stay safe during transport!

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Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit 

1. Create an Organized Layout

With storage, you can simplify and organize your life. To make the most of each rental space, start by breaking down the packing process one step at a time. Leave an aisle in the middle for easier access to items stored in the back corners. Additionally, group together similar items so that finding them will be effortless – such as keeping all winter clothes or kitchen utensils gathered together. Moreover, position frequently used products nearest to where you enter; this way they are easy to locate quickly when needed!

2. Utilize Your Entire Storage Space

Maximize the benefit of your storage rental by investing in shelving units. Not only will this enable you to organize and neatly store a high number of items, it also allows for stacking that uses up less space within your area.

3. Don’t Store Perishables

So what can’t you store? Perishables like food will go bad quickly, and when they do, they will begin to attract pests. It is best to avoid this altogether by storing these items in your everyday storage space in your home or business. You also cannot store dangerous, flammable items or money. Check out a more complete list from Move.org. 

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Vehicle Storage Tips 

Long-term storage of a vehicle can save you a lot of space on your property, but it is not as simple as dropping it off and leaving it. Vehicles of all sizes require additional care to give it a better chance of running as smoothly as possible when you need it again. Get its oil changed if you are storing long-term, top off the gas tank to prevent moisture build-up, and add a fuel stabilizer. Then, clean it inside and out—any dirt there will only accumulate over time. Follow more of Edmund’s vehicle storage tips.  

Find safe and secure vehicle storage at Storage Depot of Virginia! Call or email our storage facility today, or stop by in person to chat with our team of storage experts!

Storage Depot of Virginia in Virginia Beach

Now that you have learned some helpful self storage tips, look to Storage Depot of Virginia in Virginia Beach for all of your storage needs. If you are seeking a lasting storage solution to de-clutter your home, or just need seasonal self-storage in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area, Storage Depot of Virginia Beach & Castleton Commerce Park is right at your service! We provide an array of indoor and outdoor units located conveniently near Naval Air Station Oceana on Castleton Commerce Way. Call or email us today, or stop by in person and chat with our team of storage experts!

rent storage online - Storage Depot of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA