Warehouses ranging from 450 sq ft to 2700 sq ft are available to rent. Call our office to ask about availability.

Neighborhood Friends of Storage Depot of Virginia at Castleton Commerce Center

We are excited to be part of the Virginia Beach, VA, community and to share our Neighborhood Friends’ page.  We created this page to build a lasting relationship with the local businesses through referrals and cross promotion.

If you would like to be part of the Storage Depot of Virginia at Castleton Commerce Center’s Neighborhood Friends’ page please contact our store manager, and they will have you added!

A Top-Notch Tree Services

Barton’s Automotive, LLC

Beach Sign and design

Blueline security & wellness

Cycle slayers

Holland Roofing INC

Napier & Napier general contractors

Raising Kaine Customs

Reliable Transportation

Turbo’s Auto Restoration and Auto repair

Wrap Dojo