Rent Commercial Storage for Your Virginia Beach Business

Where can you go for convenient and reliable commercial storage in Virginia Beach, VA? Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center is your local destination for all things business storage. Find space, supplies, and expertise at our self storage facility on Castleton Commerce Way. Find and rent a storage unit to support your business, and see how it can help you grow!

Commercial Storage with Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center

The easiest way to reclaim valuable workspace is to organize your extra items in a storage unit. Self-storage units are affordable, and you can find solutions to stay within your budget. Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center offers month-by-month leasing, as well as long-term storage, so you can adapt to any storage situation.

A business might seek out additional storage space for times like:

  • Expanding product lines
  • Starting up
  • Moving locations
  • Organizing inventory or equipment
  • Downsizing

What Businesses Use Commercial Storage?

Pretty much any business can benefit from renting self storage. Having additional space to work with can keep your immediate workspaces clutter-free and ready to go to meet with clients. Here are a few businesses that commonly rent space with self storage facilities.

Trade Professions

Job sites can be busy and chaotic, which is why it is helpful to have a central storage space to store tools and materials that are not being used for current jobs. Keep what you need in your work vehicle, and swap out in between jobs. Tenants can quickly access their storage units in early morning hours and late at night.

Sales Representatives

If you need to be able to maintain sensitive products long-term, a temperature-controlled storage unit is for you. No matter the temperature or changing humidity levels outside, your belongings are kept secure. If you are a sales representative that travels frequently, set up a storage unit with your inventory in a place that is convenient for quick access.

E-Commerce Shops

If you’re overwhelmed with the inventory of your business, commercial storage is for you. Store away new batches and seasonal pieces to keep shelves organized during busy times. When you are selling your products online, you are most likely starting out by storing and packing your inventory in your house. Clear out messes by having a secondary storage space with Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center. Browse our storage units today!

Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center in Virginia Beach, VA

Are you ready to find commercial storage for your Virginia Beach, VA, business? Come down to our self storage facility on Castleton Commerce Way to talk through your storage options with our experts. They can walk you through our different storage features, the storage units we have available, and what size storage they think would best serve you. You can also check out our storage calculator for a quick sizing reference. Storage Depot of Virginia Beach is your local destination for storage space, vehicle storage, and expertise. See how renting self storage can help your business grow!

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Katie Mest

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