How to Pack a Storage Unit Efficiently

How is the best way to pack your storage unit? Well, that really depends on how big your storage unit is, how often you plan to access your items, and how long you are looking to store. Storage Depot of Virginia at Castleton Commerce Center has packing and other self storage tips to help you get started on the right foot. Get organized with our self storage facility in Virginia Beach, VA, today!

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How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Make the Most of It

Plan Where You Will Pack Your Boxes in Your Storage Unit

When setting up your storage unit initially, make sure you take into account which items should be placed near the door for easy access and which are better protected in the back for security. You want valuables tucked away far from the door so they are not visible. But anything you will swap out frequently should be in easy arm’s reach from when you first open your storage unit. Plan ahead to leave accessible corners by creating an aisle down the center of your storage unit. This gives you a walkway for rearranging and getting to your items when you need them.

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Label Bins If You Cannot See Contents

We know you’re busy, so any time you forget packing supplies or run into an emergency, we have a wide variety of packing supplies on site. If there’s something specific that you need, like furniture covers or glass packing kits, you can come in quick to grab it. Our storage experts are also happy to help you pick out supplies to protect your belongings. They can suggest storage unit sizes and amenities to rent and answer your questions about Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park or storage in general.

Visit Our Storage Office to Stock Up on Packing Supplies

There are many ways to save time when storing. One of the most important is being able identify what’s inside boxes and bins, which will help you find things faster when you move your items in the future. You can also mark containers with room information so movers know where they need leave it during transport. It will take extra time in the beginning, but you are saving yourself a load of frustration down the line.

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Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center is the best place in Virginia Beach to store your items near you. Find residential and commercial storage options. Online self storage rentals allow customers like yourself to browse and rent their storage unit from any device. We provide resources like our storage calculator tool to help you determine what size unit would work well with your load. You can also refer to list of self storage tips for guidance through the rental process. Handle your entire rental online!

We offer indoor or outdoor options in addition vehicle parking spaces for those who need them, so take a look at the self storage options you have near you in Virginia Beach, VA. Secure storage space and quality service are only a few clicks away.

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