Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Should you rent an outdoor or temperature-controlled storage units? Well, that depends on the kind of items you are looking to store and for how long. Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center offers a wide range of self storage features, so you can choose the best storage unit for your needs and your budget. Our indoor and temperature-controlled storage options can give you some of the best protection in the Virginia Beach, VA, area. Get started today!

Table of Contents

I. What Are the Benefits of Renting Temperature-Controlled Storage?

II. What Items Should Be Stored in Temperature-Controlled Storage Units?

III. Packing Tips for Indoor Units

What Are the Benefits of Renting Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Protection from Outside Weather

Anyone who’s ever had to store their belongings for an extended period of time knows how important it is to find a self storage unit that offers temperature control. Extreme temperatures can damage or destroy many types of items, including electronics, musical instruments, and documents. And if the temperature inside your storage unit fluctuates too much, it can cause condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Temperature controlled self storage units help to protect your belongings from the elements by keeping the storage unit and its contents at a consistent temperature.

Keeps Dust at Bay

If you’re looking for a way to store your belongings without having to worry about dust gathering, indoor storage units are a great option. These storage units open to the inside of the self storage facility, ensuring that your belongings stay dust-free—away from tracked in dirt and moisture close to the outside-access door. Temperature controlled self storage units provide an effective way to keep your belongings clean and free of dust.

Clean & Circulating Air

Another perk of indoor storage is the quality of air surrounding your belongings at all times. Whether the Virginia Beach weather is rainy, hot and sunny, or getting cooler, Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center maintains consistent conditions for our temperature-controlled storage.

What Items Should You Store in Temperature Control?

Some items need at least temperature-controlled storage in order to maintain good conditions long-term. This includes:

  • Antiques
  • Documents
  • Business Inventory
  • Instruments
  • Books
  • Media
  • Upholstered Furniture

The list goes on. If your belongings are easily affected by changing weather patterns, then temperature control is a must. If you have questions about the kind of storage space you need, contact our office to talk through your needs with our experts.

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Tips to Pack Your Items for Temperature-Controlled Storage

Temperature-controlled storage units provide an optimal environment for your belongings, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. However, while the temperature is regulated, it’s essential to pack your items in such a way to maximize their protection. Here are some crucial packing tips tailored for temperature-controlled storage:

1. Clean Before Storing

Before placing items into storage, it’s essential to clean and dry them thoroughly. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, or electronics, dust and residual moisture can still cause issues, even in a controlled environment. For instance, clothing should be washed, dried, and preferably vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness. Wooden furniture should be cleaned and treated with a wood conditioner to preserve its luster.

2. Use Quality Packing Materials

Invest in sturdy, durable boxes, especially for heavy items. Plastic bins are excellent for added protection, as they offer a tight seal against any residual moisture and dust. For fragile items, bubble wrap and packing peanuts can provide an additional layer of cushioning. Always seal boxes with heavy-duty packing tape to keep out dust. Stop into Storage Depot of Virginia Beach’s office to browse our packing supplies selection.

3. Keep Air Circulation in Mind

Even when your items are kept in a specific temperature range, it’s still important to ensure adequate air circulation around your stored items. Avoid packing items too tightly together. Leave a bit of space between boxes, and elevate items off the floor using pallets. This ensures that the regulated temperature uniformly affects all your belongings.

Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center in Virginia Beach, VA

Where can you find quality temperature-controlled storage units in Virginia Beach, VA? Call or stop into Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center to talk through all of our storage options. We have storage professionals who can listen to your needs and match you to a storage unit that will best hold and protect your items. To find and rent an indoor storage unit quick, check out our online storage rentals.

Our available storage units are up for you to browse through on our website. Pick out the storage features and size to hold your load, and stop into our storage office to stock up on packing supplies. We are your one-stop shop for Virginia Beach with storage with indoor, outdoor, and vehicle storage close by. Find your storage today!

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