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small pantry organization

5 Tips for Small Pantry Organization

How can you create a small pantry organization system that will work in your home long-term? Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center has expert tips to help you gain control of clutter. When you are not working with much space, look to the storage professionals for assistance.

small pantry organization

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Create a Small Pantry Organization System with These 5 Tips

Condense Food Containers

If you usually store your plastic food containers by just throwing them into a cabinet, quick closing the door, and hoping for the best, then we have a quick solution to straighten that up. Store the bottoms of the containers by stacking them into each other as they fit based on size and shape. Once you have them in stacks, store their corresponding lids vertically next to them.

Create Designated Sections

Store items with pantry items similar to them. Better Homes & Gardens explains that creating zones in your pantry can not only help you find certain objects easier, but you can also quickly identify the items you are running low on. Use these zone ideas to get started:

  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Bread/Rolls
  • Breakfast Food
  • Snacks
  • Spices
  • Bottles/Beverages

Stack Cans

Running out of shelf space? One of the first pantry items you should look to start storing upward when you can no longer expand outward is cans. They are sturdy material and are able to hold a decent amount of weight long-term. Boxes can also be stacked, but you need to pay closer attention to the weights of each, as not to crush them.

Consider a Pull-Out Pantry

Have you thought about a pull-out pantry to replace your current kitchen storage? Typically, these are installed close to appliances, like the fridge, to keep your cooking ingredients all in arm’s reach. They make for efficient food preparation and clean-up. You can tuck away clutter in a pinch, but you are still able get a good view of your pantry items as you need them.

Stray from Traditional Kitchen Storage

There is no rule that says you need to stick to cabinets or closets in your kitchen. A hallway storage space or mechanism in a next door room can hold your pantry items that you do not use frequently. Then your primary kitchen storage is free for what you need day to day. Get creative with small pantry organization ideas!

Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Center

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