Storage Unit Size Guide
March 30, 2022

Explore Our Storage Unit Size Guide


Searching for a storage unit size guide that explains what can and cannot fit into each size storage unit? Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park has online resources to make your self storage experience with us easy. We walk through the different sizing restrictions for our smaller storage units, as well as discuss the different reasons our tenants might need the different sizes. See why we are a trusted self storage name in Virginia Beach, VA!

Storage Unit Size Guide

Self Storage Unit Size Guide

When you visit our online storage rentals, you will see them categorized as “small, medium, and large.” This guide will help you better understand the approximate amount of boxes and other objects that will fit in Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park’s storage units.

Small Storage Units

Consider the small storage units to be the size of a walk-in closet. Up to approximately 70 square feet, this storage size would be able to hold the contents of about one room. Not only are these affordable storage options, but they are versatile to handle your home, work, or vacation home needs. This is a great size range to store seasonal items during their offseason. Just check measurements before you try storing large, mattress-sized items.

Medium Storage Units

What can you do with a medium storage unit? Starting at 100 square feet, they have quite a bit more space to work with than their previously mentioned counterparts. You do not have as many sizing restrictions to pay attention to—but as a good general rule to follow, always double-check measurements if you are looking to store big. Medium storage units can hold mattresses, couches, desks, and chairs. In the larger end of this category, you can store about the contents of 2-3 rooms.

Large Storage Units

Sometimes you need to be able to rent big. Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park offers up to 450-plus-square-foot residential storage units and up to 2,500-plus-square-foot commercial storage units. Our large self storage options can help you stay organized through a move, manage your business equipment while you are downsizing, and so much more. Talk to our storage experts to see how we can assist you!

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What kind of self storage are you looking for near you? For convenient storage rentals and the best service around, visit Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park. Through our contactless storage rentals, you can browse, select, and rent your storage unit online from your own device. Choose between our indoor and outdoor storage units. Our storage professionals can help you determine the best features and storage unit size to protect your items. You can also reference our online storage calculator for a quick storage unit size calculation. In addition to self storage units, we also offer vehicle storage options for the Virginia Beach, VA, community. Find everything you need at Storage Depot of Virginia Beach at Castleton Commerce Park. Rent storage online today!